We tell stories to children so that they fall asleep - to adults so that they wake up.

Corporate culture reveals itself in the concrete. Where stories are at home. Those who can listen will find the right time and the right tone to join the conversation.

Nothing works without dialogue. Because companies are not machines. But rather successful platforms on which people collaborate. Bundles of diverse perspectives. Vibrant organisms where talents, visions, and inclinations mesh like gears.

Stories open doors where there are none. Between 0 and 1, many things are possible…





“… can condense and enliven worn-out content so that it begins to shine again. (Communication)

… can create clarity, also about the difference between the envisioned and the lived company. (Strategy)

… can unlock and make visible new layers of meaning. (Creation)

… can help to uncover the core of the brand. (Branding)

… can increase our agility and teach us to playfully deal with constructions and fixations. (Coaching)

… can make culture tangible and experienceable as a rich and diverse power source of the company. (Storywork)”




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