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If we consider change as the normal state and stability as the exception, then this also has massive effects on how we understand and implement interventions. The narrative approach of organizational development is fueled by participation, because we expose experts who initiate and accompany targeted change measures from outside as the constructed longing of those who want to control everything.

The good news is that every construction tells a story that can be shaped and rewritten together. In StoryWork we leave behind us externally determined and restrictive stories and open new windows into the land of possibilities.

We work with stories and use them in a variety of ways to analyze corporate cultures, deepen change processes, raise informal knowledge, condense visions through worlds of experience, put strategies on concrete legs, or simply to shape your storytelling so that it sticks in people’s minds.

10 entries / 10 offers:

  1. EXPLORING YOUR STORYBASE / The initial narrative spark: Who are we apart from our missions and marketing statements? And what is lived in our company? Finding and developing our own story base.
  2. REFLECTING CULTURE / The first step to a learning organization: Experiencing and shaping corporate culture means that we taste the water we move like fish on a daily basis. What beliefs underlie our actions? What is allowed and what is prohibited? What do we like to talk about and what are our blind spots in the company?
  3. BUILDING ECHO-SYSTEMS / Agility on the pulse of time: We are not only the stories we tell about ourselves, but also the stories others tell about us. When both are brought into alignment, we speak of resonance. A state in which a company is in harmony with itself and its environment. A state of maximum responsiveness in complex and rapidly changing markets.
  4. GROUNDING CHANGE / Change from the inside out: Many employees are tired of change, because change projects are executed past them and do not touch their world of experience. No wonder that often neither the goal nor the path to it is shared by the employees.
  5. LEADING WITH STORIES / Rehearsing narrative stance: Narrative leadership begins with mindfulness and listening to what is being told in the company. Only when this listening is lived one can begin to develop stories that inspire others.
  6. TEAMING UP WITH STORIES / Finding unity in diversity: Understanding individuality not as a deviation from a norm, but as an enriching perspective. Understanding the perceived diversity as a new unity. Learning to listen. Building dialogue spaces together.
  7. ENVISIONING TOMORROW / Earthing the future in the now: “He who does not know his name, who forgets who he is, is stupid,” says the frog in the little I-Am-Me. The problem with many future stories is that they are arbitrary and not rooted in what is there. Narrative intelligence means forming the visions from the clay that is given to us.
  8. SELLING IDEAS / Find your “backstory”: You already have an idea, a wonderful product, a promising service – but don’t know how to present it authentically as a story that will stick? Then perhaps you have not yet asked yourself the right questions…
  9. WALKABOUTS / Growing in movement: Developing stories in walking, experiencing paths in walking. Perceiving yourself and what surrounds you. Walking as pausing. As spelling change. Step by step. / 1:1 format / duration: at least 2 days
  10. INDIVIDUELLE COACHINGS / Systemic, narrative dialogues (also online) / 1:1 format / duration: 1 hour

Recent Public Workshops:

  • “STORYWORK – Part II.” The role of stories in change processes. 2-days-modul @ASK-Akademie Salzburg, 25th and 26th of November 2020.
  • Narrative organization development” at the Stuttgart Media University. An advanced course in 4 blocks. Feb. to Sept. 2020
  • “BEYOND STORYTELLING.” Narrative work in practice. Toys, tools & insights. 2-days-modul @ASK-Akademie Salzburg, 18th and 19th of October 2019.
  • “STORY UP YOUR LIFE.” Life like a Movie. Poetic reflexions with moving images. 2-days-modul @ASK-Akademie Salzburg, 20th and 21st of September 2019.
  • “STORYWORK.” Introduction into narrative work. 2-days-modul @ASK-Akademie Salzburg, 26th and 27th of April 2019.
  • “THE SUN IS STILL IN MY EYES.” A hands on reflection about the construction of our life story based on a movie project with the Berlin artist Wilhelm Singer. Workshop und Screening @Beyond Storytelling. Congress on 8th and 9th of June 2018 in Hamburg/Germany.
  • Climbing Mountains. Moving Mountains. Workshop @Beyond Storytelling. Congress on 19th and 20th of May 2017 in Heidelberg.