“Only through others I truly am …”

Within the BEYOND STORYTELLING GROUP we are setting new standards since years – not just as a conference organizer. In the field of narrative organization development, to which we have dedicated an Advanced Course 2020 at the University of Applied Media in Stuttgart, we also offer a wide range of narrative approaches to dynamically reflect and develop corporate, departmental and team identities. The next BEYOND STORYTELLING KONGRESS in Berlin is postponed to May 2021 because of #corona

Wolfgang Tonninger

Abtenau – Austria / Studied philosophy and literature. Writing along the interfaces between culture, nature and technology. Video producer, systemic coach and storyworker. Living the balancing act between creation and organization development – concentrating on the soft facts. Hungry for exercise. Rock aficionado. “The shortest distance to the other is once around the world.”

Christine Erlach

Burscheid – Germany / Focused on narrative management and passing on informal knowledge. Works since 1998 with stories to seize knowledge treasures with companies, project-teams and leaving experts. And to reflect them as a means of transport for cultural values and as an engine of change processes.

Stephanie Bachmair

Hamburg – Germany / Facilitator, StoryWorker, Coach. Studied business economics and psychology. Enthusiastic about creative expressions in word, colour, dance and stories. Aligned wit Walt Disney – ‚If you can dream it, you can do it‘.

Jacques Chlopczyk

Mannheim – Germany / Organizational psychologist, change facilitator and lecturer for systemic consulting with a focus on participatory processes, community building and collaborative moon-shots.

Michael Müller

Munich – Germany / Communications- and Change-Consultant, as well as Coach with narrativ-systemic background. Since 2010 he is Professor at the Stuttgart Media University and head of the Institute for applied narration studies (IANA). Loves to write stories or book about storytelling.

Harald Schwarzmann

Bregenz – Austria / Script writer and director of feature and PR films. Cameraman and cutter. Mountain lover. Looks for diversity in simplicity and for simplicity in diversity.

Barbara Schaumüller

Vienna – Austria / Business economist and systemic Coach. Accompanying the individual person and organizations experiencing the new and the change, inspires her equally. The creation of something new in paintings. Entire being in Yoga.

Udo Bräu

St. Peter in der Au – Austria / Studied computer science. Shaped by his roles as an organisation analyst, CEO and systemic coach. Deeply rooted in corporate culture. Long distance specialist and musician. Always on the lookout for novelties.