“Distrust every thought that arrives while sitting …”

For many years, reflecting, writing and consulting, I have been moving along the interfaces of nature, technology and culture. There have been contributions to books, essays and lectures on the new world of work, on the machine in us, on cooperation and the common good, new leadership cultures, but also on more sweeping subjects such as happiness, time, or our ability to dream.

My offers:

  • Impulse Presentations & Keynotes
  • Interviews, Portraits & Features
  • Non-Classical Case Studies
  • Ghost-Writing

Media projects:

  • Chief Editor of the magazine „Supervisor. Medium für vernetzte Kommunikation“ – 1990 bis 1996
  • Business-Ready-Blog: 2007-2015 (for Microsoft Österreich)
  • “Gangart. Eine Region in Bewegung.” Founder & Chief Editor from 2013 to  2018. Samples of key issues …
  • Chief Editor of the Jubiläumsmagazin der Zürcher Kantonalbank Österreich – 2021

Art & movie projects:

  • Everyman on journey. A world survey of a homeless. 2021. Film-Essay. Storybook and directing. Together with Walter Fanninger. A co-production with ORF III.
  • SHADOWS OF LIGHT. The Otherworlds by Bartholomäus Resch. 2019. Story-development and dramaturgy for a film which was awarded at European Independent Film Festival (ECU) in Paris as Best European Independent Documentary 2020.
  • “From where I see myself …” A storytelling project from fairMATCHING. 2018-2019. Co-developed with the photographer Enrique Pasquali.
  • The sun is still in my eyes. The order of the past.” With Wilhelm Singer in Berlin. World premiere at 10th of June 2017 in Filmmuseum Potsdam
  • “PILGRIMAGE – an exhibition in space”, wirh Norge Bacher and Christina Drimmel, 2008, during the Fotoviennale at Künstlerhaus Wien


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