More than a desk one shares …

Inspired from our second Office in Coworking Salzburg we offer now also a work place at the heart of the mountains. A loft-like room and a place to sleep – right next door – where you can also stay. For a few days or for longer. Here you can be creative and still stay in touch. You can also use the time here, though, in order to unwind, to go offline. Also literally, by going into the mountains together with me. In order to explore paths, allow visions and try something new. Quiet paths on which to take your time. Silent time. Talking time. And, above all, time out. Come and try. Nobody has turned back the same so far.


1 Desk per month 250 EURO
For the rest – the usage as short-term co-working & co-living-location – you pay, what you think is fair.